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[REVIEW] Fairy Beauty Clenz

1:36 PM

Salam and hello!

This is the final part of the Fairy Beauty products I've gotten few months back. To date I have done a lot of reviews on Fairy Beauty products: Fairy Blossom and Fairy Whitez, Life Food and now this :) Very very big thanks to HiShop and Fairy Beauty for the opportunity in reviewing these!

On forth with the loot!
Today I will be talking about Fairy Clenz, a 2 in 1 supplement for body detoxification and eye nutrition replenishment! We do need detox once in awhile as we consumed quite an amount of food which could end up causing problems to our inner organ and we wouldn't want that right? Also not forgetting, by consuming this it also helps in strengthening our intestines and stomach functions too~

Direction: Shake > Plug > Insert Straw > Drink ; yes people, it's all the same and very easy! :D

My verdict? 

The taste. Goodness. Everytime I consumed this I felt like puking, it has a real awfully weird kind of taste D: I'm sorry! But thankfully, that's the only con for now lol. I usually consumed this during the day, you can see me running to the washroom few times in the day. Hahaha. I don't consume this at night in case I end up couldn't sleep o___o so from the perspective of digestion it does help a little, combined with Life Food it's rather a smashing combo. I did kind of lost weight - 1-2kg. Hey, it's a start.

Get it now for only RM 88!

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Til then blurbers :)

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