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[REVIEW] Loreal White Perfect Total 10

10:00 AM

Salam and hello!

Two posts back where I shared Tips to Safe Skin Lightening, I mentioned that I now want to try skin lightening since my skin had gotten better and I want to lighten the scars at the same time :D

Coincidentally, this came in right on time:

But first, I would like to thank Cassie of Lion & Lion and also L'oreal Paris Malaysia for giving me the chance to try this out!

FYI it's only gonna be on the shelves soon! :D When exactly? Read on while I am giving you the sneak peek first hihi.

So what does it do?

As you can see here, it's a combination of brightening and protection in one formula! Very convenient as you do not need to slather a lot of products on your face :D

Here's some real photos :)

Eye trick! It's actually creamy lilac colour but once blended you don't see any extras there :D You actually just need half a pump of this and do avoid your eye contour :)

My verdict?

After about a week using this, just as their assessment states above, I guess I am proud to say I am less shinier and oily! And I kind of noticed that my scars had also lightened slightly ❤️ The first two days I felt a slight tingling on my cheeks as it was trying to get used to it. It's quite thick for my liking thou :o But I have to stop using this for the time being as my pimples start to pop again - hormones :(

If you would like to try it, watch out for it on shelves this June at a recommended retail price of RM39.90!

For more info on L'oreal Paris MY, don't forget to head on here:

Til then blurbers ❤️

Disclaimer: Although this is a sponsored product, all views stated are 100% honest. 

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