Alexa Poletti

The Not So Typical Beauty Youtube Gurus

1:48 PM

Salam and hello!

Quick post!

I love watching Youtube lately, especially beauty tutorials. But its not just of the normal types of make up tutorials, but also some other unique ones - if you're not as weird as I am of course. I have not discovered a lot yet thou, but so far I've found out two :D

Alexa Poletti

This is actually my most recent find! I got intrigued with her Pastel Goth tutorial but here I linked up another of her makeup tutorial, Mermaid makeup. I mean, she's a cute gorgeous looking girl with a bad ass tattoo! Lol.

Made Yew Look

Another gorgeous girl who lovessss doing special effects make up. She makes them look almost so real! Do watch out for her other videos as well. And I love how she talks actually haha XD

And there you are! Only two so far. If you have any more suggestions do let me know <3

Til then blurbers!

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