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Tuesday Tips : Skincare, The Right Way

10:00 AM

Salam and Hello!

It's the 2nd/3rd day of Gawai holiday here. I am currently kicking in with my family at home hehe :p

When I was younger, I used to know only facial wash for skin care routine. And also facial cream. That's about it. Now, as I grew older, I've gotten to know of different types of products out there - moisturiser, day cream, night cream, serum etc.

Overwhelming, yeap :)

So let's assume I have the complete skin care routine, how do I ensure it is absorbed well into my skin and makes it better? Today I am going to share with you a guideline to the right way in ensuring the skin care products you have now are utilised in the best way possible!

Til then blurbers!

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