Tuesday Tops: Top 6 Favourite Fragrance

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Salam and hello!

I love perfume. But I am not the kind who usually collects them and I only splurge once in a blue moon haha. I will probably add more into my collection thou as there are a lot of cheaper options these days. FYI, I am a person who dislikes perfumes that are too floral (makes me sneeze) and too fruity (also makes me sneeze haha). I am also more to a fan of woody scent for guys and a little bit of the ocean scent as well~

Just in case you are wondering here is my collection:

Forgive the ugliness :x I don't want to show what's at the bottom lol. Out of all these I will be picking out which are the top 6 of my favourite (in no particular order)! :)

1) Jeanne Arthes - Love Never Dies

I bought this at Zalora last year if I am not mistaken. It's no longer available there thou. I have never heard or even smelt this brand but I bought it anyways.Talk about taking a risk. Haha. No regrets :D This is somewhat a fusion of both which is fine by me as it ends up giving you a soft, romantic kind of scent :)
Top Notes: Star Annis, Lemon, Blackcurrent Leaf
Heart: Rose, Violet, Lily
Base: Vanilla, Sandalwood, Amber

2) Sonia Kashuk - Yellow Alluriana Eau De Toilette

I've actually gotten this as a gift from my Secret Santa swap last year :) Didn't expect to get something like this as I don't usually dare to demand things in a swap. Haha. This is an example of a perfume that I will sneeze. Lol. Of which I didn't mind because the sneezing goes away quickly. Hahaha. I also have the shower gel, body butter and lotion as well. Wondering if I should write a review on this.

Notes: Citrus, verbena and musk (uplifting)

3) Avon - Vanilla Soft Musk

The name says it all what kind of perfume this is. I usually wear this on alternate Fridays because it's super soft, it gives me a relaxed vibe for a Friday :D

Notes: Vanilla, Musk

4) Avon - Butterfly


One of my first perfume I've gotten when I was younger. I was not exposed to a lot of expensive perfumes back then, more to Avon products XD It's a lovely scent, but do not overuse it! Especially if you are sweating, it'll make you stinky hahaha. I've had my fair share of experience lol. 

Notes: Florals, probably a hint of roses

5) Avon - Ice Sheers Luscious Eau De Toilette in Lemon

Another perfume that I often use only on Fridays, occassionally on other days when the weather is rather gloomy lol. It's soft and not overpowering, and leaves quite a lasting scent :)

Notes: Sparkling citrus, frosty orange blossom, creamy lemon meringue

6) Avon - Instinct

Ok this is my last Avon perfume LOL. They're good options! Anyhow, mom recently bought this for us. I told her it smelt like perfumes for old people, as in, more mature women hahaha. But it's not bad actually. Just the floral scent for me is rather stinging for my nose as well. But after it settled, it gives out a rather seductive masculine scent :o

Notes: Chypre Notes of Frankincense, Amber

And that's about it! I'd love to know your favourite perfumes as well, I am open to sniffing a new scent of perfume XD

Til then blurbers <3

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