Blogs I Read: Top 3 Malaysian Bloggers + TAGGING!

12:17 PM

Salam and hello!

Let's cut to the chase, each and every one of us have our own preferences in everything, and that includes bloggers too! If you ask me, I do not know a lot of bloggers, unless they are Malaysians. Lol. But still, I do not know a lot of them yet V_V

So today's edition will be on Malaysian bloggers, probably next time I will make an international version :) **in no particular order

1) My Women Stuff

Hands down, this is where I get to read the really high-end products and also regular ones as well! I admire her writing, the photos, and how simple but packed her blog is! And she's also a wonderful person to talk to :)

2) Sabrina Tajudin

One of the first blog I read when I got into The Butterfly Project, I got intrigued by this lovely person from this post where she shared a tip on how to create a box in blog post, of which I tend to keep forgetting to use. Hahaha. And also the way she writes her blog posts, how she organises them neatly, and quite informative too! I feel like I am reading a magazine page sometimes, which is good! :D

3) Wiida Ribbon

Typical people for reading the typical Malaysian bloggers. LOL. I guess she gets this a lot, but I first followed her blog because of her very close resemblance to Nora Danish. And I even thought they were related! Haha. But as time goes, after reading a lot of her posts, it's safe to say, I like how she writes.! And her photography skills as well.

Basically, I'm a kind of reader who are into neat and simple blogs, with good photography and awesome writings. But that doesn't mean I don't read any other blogs, I just did not list them here. Hey, it's not easy to actually own a blog and trying to make it stand out, even if you are already in a one year blogiversary. Lol. Me coming soon :x

Without further ado, I am tagging 3 of my fellow blogger buddies! You are also required to list down three (3) as I did above and then tag someone else!
And for those who I did not tag, you could also do this! Spread the fun, who knows you might find someone new to follow ;)

Til then blurbers! 

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