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Detox: Properly and Naturally

9:44 AM

Salam and hello!

I love to talk about this topic honestly, but I find it overwhelming (for me) most of the time as there are a lot of ways to detox out there. We just have to find the right one.
Before I begin, how do we know we need to detox our body?

Are you...
  • always tired? 
  • easily irritated? 
  • having trouble in losing weight? 
  • depressed?  
Fret not, inspired by the video below, I have helped summarise (and probably add on a little more!) how to detox more properly and naturally, especially for newbies.

On a side note, I love this person! :D

After watching thoroughly, I have summarised most of what she recommends in this video:

Foods For Detox

1) Black Fungus

2) Carrots

3) Mung Beans
4) Honey

5) Bitter Melon

6) Seaweed

As for the benefits of why these are in the list, do watch the video :D I would not want to give out everything now would I? Teehee. What I also suggest to add on in the list would be:
  • Olive Oil
  • Food high in fiber - veggies!
So far, what I helped to list down here is detoxing internally. From the video too, she had also suggested how to detox externally :)
  1. Exercise! 
  2. Massage Lymph Nodes :o
  3. Take Deep Breathes
  4. Take Hot Showers/Baths
  5. Regular Defecation
For anyone who is going to give this a try, good luck! I hope this helps to at least make yourselves less confused :D

Til then blurbers <3 

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