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How Are You Keeping Track of Your Blog?

3:15 PM

Salam and hello!

Frankly speaking, I am the least organised person in my family - I dislike following rules and routines too much. Haha. But now that I own a blog, and I want to develop it to be better (hopefully it'll last long too!), I have decided to search for a blog planner.

You read correctly, blog planner :)

I have been lurking around Pinterest for quite sometime already, and been picking up tips and tricks to make one's blog better; one of it was about planning to make your blog better, and thus a blog planner! (heck I kept repeating -.-)

I will be linking down some of them that I will be using soon :D who knows it might lead some of you who is a newbie (like me!) to also use planners:

1) Blog Post Checklist :

2) Blog Posts Statistics:

3) Blog Goal Worksheets:

4) All sorts of Blog Planner:

Good luck!

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