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[REVIEW] Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream

10:44 AM

Salam and hello!

Finally I've gotten my hands on a cult item!

No not this kind of cult! 

This is the least freaky one I've found!

But this!

A beauty cult in the United States, the Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream!

Woops. First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to Natta Cosme for letting me have the opportunity of testing out this product <3 

So what is this Egyptian Magic Cream?

Egyptian Magic is an all-natural skin cream made from six of nature's most powerful moisturising and healing ingredients.
  • Olive oil, a great hypoallergenic moisturiser
  • Beeswax, it retains the skin’s moisture level and has many healing properties
  • Bee pollen, nourishes skin and absorb free radicals
  • Royal Jelly, it supports skin renewal and collagen production
  • Honey, helps the skin to rejuvenate
  • Bee Propolis, a nutrient-rich substance that promotes healing and skin regeneration
For more than 20 years we have been blending these ingredients using our unique, proprietary process based on a formula that was created thousands of years ago in the land of the Pharaohs. The result is a luxurious cream with moisturizing and nourishing properties that are legendary among celebrities, the fashion industry, even doctors and hospitals. With that support, Egyptian Magic has grown exclusively through word-of-mouth to be one of the most popular and widely endorsed skin creams in the world. - Egyptian Magic
I had always wondered how it would be like as it mentioned its an all purpose.

EMC claims to work as:
  • skin moisturiser
  • makeup remover 
  • to treat rashes (diaper, skin etc), skin irritations and eczema, stretch marks 
  • clearing up foot odour 
  • lightens scars and stretch marks 
  • sun and wind moisture protection BUT not as a sunscreen 
  • as essential oils 
  • to treat fungus and hemorrhoids (don't Google the image thou omg V_V) 
  • as vaginal moisturising cream 
  • for cold sores 
  • treating chapped lips, skin conditions (dry, cracked) 
  • as a massage lotion 
  • As a shaving cream for legs and face or after-shave cream for legs and face as to relief from razor bumps 
  • Scalp treatment for dry and itchy scalps 
  • To tame frizzy dry hair or as hot oil hair treatment 
  • Even your pets/animals could use it! Fungus treatment etc
What did I use it for? 
  • I've already tested it out as a night cream for my face. Kind of thick although I used a very very small amount as some reviews said it could be used to reduce fresh acne scars. But I ended up couldn't use it all over my face for long, pimples popped out. Lol. Plus it felt oily too! 
  • Eye makeup remover. As it's quite oily, it removes the eye makeup easily but not the face makeup. As if it did nothing on the face :O
  • Hand cream! May I say my hands became so soft <3 
Feed your curiousity off buy buying one here! 

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Oh, and good news my lovelies!

You can win 2 sachets of 3ml of this Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream by joining the giveaway HERE! Submit your answers there and just wait for your name to be announced as one of the 3 winners by Natta Cosme on the 1st of August! :D

Dateline: 15 July 2014

Good luck and til then blurbers!

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