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[REVIEW] Maybelline New York White Superfresh Long Lasting UV CakePowder SPF34 PA++

8:32 AM

Salam and hello!

Touching up my makeup in the middle of the day is what I loathe, as I tend to get oily especially on my T-zone and some part of my cheeks. Most of the time I don't touch up, usually on workdays lol. Reason? I don't feel the need to touch up as my foundation/BB cream is still intact despite the fact that my scars start to look obvious :p Well sometimes I do, when I feel like it. Haha. Apparently I sound like a person who doesn't care how imperfect it looked later ._.

But who wouldn't want to look as good as the morning you spent your time with makeup and it holds up until late evening?? And thus a new discovery!

Maybelline New York has recently introduced a new formula, their latest White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder SPF34 PA++, where it could help in giving you what you've always wanted - it helps to speed up sweat drying and evaporation so your skin would remain fresh and clean! They also claim that the Clean Touch Powder System's Mineral Perlite content also contains 5x the absorbing powder of talc!

So I've gotten myself this shade 03 Natural. Pretty sleek packaging and so far not easily stained :)

Sorry for the dirty sponge lol.

Honestly, I have not been a fan of cake powder for awhile already; speaking from my newbie experience I used to apply them and it ended up looking cakey. Lol. Yeap, newbie mistake :p This time I am making sure I wouldn't repeat the same mistake, now that I know XD

After approximately 2 weeks of use, I can safely say..


It does have the power to keep my face matte longer than usual. I only get slightly oilier but not as fast as usual. Except the nose. Even so, I did not need to re-apply heck a lot of times compared to the time I have not used this baby! It mentioned the skin whiten up and feels fresher, I can tell you it's not whiten up but brightened up dull complexions :D

I also tried to apply using a powder brush, but it seemed like it does not pick up the right amount; probably because the brush is too large and I had a hard time controlling the sponge that came with this powder. 

As for the shade, I thought it would make my complexion darker myahaha - since I always go for Ivory. Tried to take photos on both my hands and face but the differences did not show (guess I am a little dark now T.T) 

Overall rate

Maybelline New York White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder is available for a recommended price of RM 23.90, as for the refills they will be at a recommended price of RM 11.90.

Til then blurbers :)

**Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by Maybelline for reviewing purpose but everything written in this post are 100% honest opinion.

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