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6 Tips to Grow Your Blog As A Part Time Blogger

9:21 AM

Salam and hello!

Perez Hilton, Xiaxue... these people are some known full-time professional bloggers who gets income from their blog. To be able to get income from our blog is such a win, especially if you are able to achieve a maximum growth on your blog in a short period of time!

But blogging is quite a hard work. I mean, if you are not doing any time of day job or anything you would be able to fully focus on your blog. But reality is, most of us are part-time bloggers - we are students, we have jobs, we have obligations. We can't just quit our job or responsibility so that we could pursue full time blogging!

I am here to tell you, don't worry. I will be sharing six (6) tips to grow your blog even if you only blog part time, as do I :) I had only started to blog seriously late last year, and although I am still going slow, I am grateful for having a little support that I do now :D It's still called progress no matter what!

Moving on, here are the 6 tips I promised you!

1) Limit Your Social Media - Just try focusing on 2-3 social media accounts to promote your blog, and only post during peak engagement hours (you will have to do some homework to know the peak hour then!), and scheduling them once you identified them. Pinterest is highly recommended as the content can be easily pinned and share faster than Facebook pages these days. Twitter and Instagram is also recommended, in my opinion. Linked In is better for if you have more free time, I guess.

2) Track Ideas - Have you had moments when you suddenly have blog ideas popping up out of nowhere? Although it is especially inconvenient when you are halfway asleep or doing "business" in the toilet, make sure you keep a small pad of paper with you all the time so you could jot them down. Then once you have more time, start drafting and outlining those several ideas you've written down. Continue writing them until one of those are ready to be hit with the publish button :D That way, it keeps a good back-log of partially developed posts, in case you are short on time that day/week.

3) To Do Lists - Also on that small pad of paper, keep a prioritized to-do list of improvements you want to make on your blog. Whether it’s the design, monetizing, or updating posts for SEO, you will have a list to work from so you don’t waste time deciding what to work on. I have a few planners now but I have yet to use them, I am not originally a well-organised person haha.

4) One Thing At A Time - If you do multiple tasks at a time, it will definitely make you feel overwhelmed and then easily annoyed with what you are doing. Take a breather, and focus on one area of blogging during each blogging session you have. Here is an example - if you only have time for your blog in the evening, spend one night creating the content and the next following night you can work on your blog improvement. Repeat the cycle. Whatever it may be, avoid bouncing around on your to-do list to allow you to be the most productive in a limited amount of time!

5) Utilise Each Minute - Take advantage of any and all short breaks that you get! Lunch hour, sitting in a public transport.... you might be able to get some editing done on a photo, or type up an outline for a post. You will likely begin dedicating any free time you have to your blog. But if you are passionate about what you are blogging about, and really want to grow, that shouldn’t matter, right?

6) Don't Stress!! - Most importantly, don’t stress out about being a perfect blogger. You have to remember that you are doing this as part-timer. In other words, you’re only blogging when you have free time. So that could mean a post is ready on a Tuesday one week, and a Thursday the next. I used to bother sticking to the schedule (I usually post on Tuesdays and Thursdays), but after Eid I have decided to least stress about this - but I will make sure I post up atleast something but better and more genuine! As you get into the groove, you will probably start to get into a relative pattern of the days you post and the number of posts you publish each week. Don’t expect to produce content like a full-time blogger on a part-time schedule. It is exhausting!

I hope these tips will help you aspiring bloggers out there!~ And oh! Not forgetting...


Til then blurbers :)

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