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De Beauty Reborn Nutri Bifidus REVIEW

10:30 AM

Salam and hello!

Are you trying to lose that extra fats you have left even after you have reached your ideal weight goal? Do you always feel drowsy and bloated after every meal? Do you want to clear your dull, scarred, rough skin away? Today I am sharing with you yet another way on how to improve yourselves better and to lose those extra fatties :D


I got myself 7 sachets, already consumed 3! Thanks to HiShop Malaysia for the chance to review this awesome product :)

De' BEAUTY Reborn Nutri Bifidus can help in enhancing and regulate intestinal bacteria. Within 3 minutes, it can eliminate 20g of fat and each day of consumption blocks 500 calories; it enhances intestinal bacteria and also contracts and eliminates 'bulky' issues of belly, thighs, arms, hip and waist line. In addition to that, it helps eliminates fat, dropsy, bloated stomach, fat particles, acne, toxic, fecal impaction, indigestion as well as regulating intestinal functions.!

Here is how it looks like....

Taste-wise, it tastes yummy. Like a sour berry, as it also contains acai berry and apple fiber as some of its ingredients. It looks green as it also contains wheat grass powder and seaweed :D Oh, I usually mix this with water and drink it up right after breakfast. It always gives me reaction in the evening thou, and I would keep going to the toilet - it eliminates the fatties I told you earlier. But if you want more results you have to continue drinking this! :) The original pack has 14 sachets per box :D

Get it now for only RM 165!

You could also get an exclusive 15% rebate by using the code below :D 

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*Disclaimer: Although this product is sent to me for review purpose, all opinion stated here are a 100% honest mine. 

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