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[REVIEW] Beauty Foot

9:17 AM

Salam and hello!

Eid Ul Fitr this year is such a blast! Compared to last year, I think we had more fun this year :) We're talking about monopod selfie to the next level here, or "wefie" should we call it :D Imagine every single house we went to we took a lot of wefies. Lol. Also went to my brother's friend's orchard where we took home a loootttt of fruits - durians, mangosteens, rambutans.. you name it. Ended up getting pimples too :p 

Despite so, I miss blogging! And I miss sharing my thoughts and reviews due to the holidays ;) That said, here's something I will be reviewing today!

About what exactly?

Well, if you went to a lot of houses during this Raya celebration like I did, you may end up with rough foots. Lol. I never thought I would, but maybe because I'm at this age now I start to experience things I did not during my teenage years. I sound old T.T Anyways, thanks to HiShop Malaysia, coincidentally I managed to tackle this problem with..

It's a foot mask. Yessss. You read correctly. Even our foots need some love! :D From all the walking, and heavy use of foot wear my foots got rough.

This is how it looks like, you just cut off the top...

And soak your foots in them for around 1.5-2 hours :)

My verdict?

Ok, it felt like the normal paper mask for your face. If you are not used to it (like me!) you will feel rather ticklish but not in a bad way haha. And it's a good thing it's in that plastic so the solution inside the mask won't spill - hence it's the reason why we were to soak it for an hour or two :) I don't encourage you to walk in them while you are using the mask lol. And don't forget to wash your foots! I love how after I washed them they became so sofffttt. Like a baby's foot! Hahahahaha. It lasts for quite some time already (up to this time I'm writing this post!) 

**Update: my foot did peel! If you wonder much, don't get grossed out, here it is! 

Behind the icky-ness lies the soft baby feet! :D

Get it now for only RM 55.90!

You could also get an exclusive 15% rebate by using the code below :D 

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Til then blurbers! 
*Disclaimer: Although this product is sent to me for review purpose, all opinion stated here are a 100% honest one. 

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