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Guest Post: How It Works

8:48 PM

(This character is from the anime Free!) 

Salam and hello!

Have you ever came across blogs whose posts are not written by them but instead by another name?

Wait what? 

Don't worry, you are still on the right blog. Most probably they just posted up a guest post :) Here is a brief introduction on this topic:
Guest posts and guest posting is where a writer who owns a blog creates a unique and original post on another blog or site with a mention of the author and usually their blog at the bottom of the article. Or the other way around. The purpose of guest posting is to increase blog traffic, especially when both the owner and the guest have a similar blog niche.
I have had my fair share of guest posting on a few blogs now, but none of them are from Malaysia so far (although I would love to!). The reason behind this is probably most Malaysians are not familiar with this concept. Just in case you are wondering, here are some of my works!

1.  Title : How To Be Happier Right Now
     Location: Preppy Little Lesbian
  • Twitter: @preppylittleles 
  • Instagram: preppylittlelesbian 
  • Google +: Ally Gagliardo 
  • Facebook: Preppy Little Lesbian

2.  Title : The Happiness Project, Day 2
     Location: Bearika Rose
  • Twitter: @bearikarose
  • Instagram: bearikarose
  • Facebook: bearikarose
In my opinion, not only this is a fun experience, this is also one of the ways for us bloggers to get to know each other :) 

If you are given the chance to guest post, would you do it?

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