Project: Rainbow Cameo

10:30 AM

Salam and hello!

I have something exciting to announce to you, my lovely blurbers!

I am collaborating with a few of my fellow blogger buddies for this upcoming project :) I wanted to do something different, and also to get closer to these buddies of mine at the same time! "Mengeratkan silaturahim", they say :D

So here goes!

What is the Rainbow Cameo about? 

Each of us will choose a colour from the rainbow as a theme for us to create looks based on it - you will be expecting makeup, outfit or anything beauty related that are inspired from the respective colours.This project will begin in September! And we will be divided into these sections:
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Indigo
  • Violet
  • Rainbow

Who are these bloggers you are collaborating with? 

If you want to know, you will have to follow my Facebook page first! I will updating there constantly :D

When can we expect the updates? 

I have organised a sequence of estimated posts throughout the whole month of September!

Week 1: Introduction of Project: Rainbow Cameo, Red, Orange
Week 2: Yellow, Green
Week 3: Blue, Indigo
Week 4: Violet, Rainbow, Closing Post

Stay tuned!

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