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Sendayu Tinggi Professional Make-Up Diamond BB Cream SPF 15 Review

12:07 PM

Salam and hello! 

A little brief on Sendayu Tinggi; 
"Founded by Madam Rozita Ibrahim with the starting capital of only RM400.00 as a kick-start for her to market her product, Enigma Beauty. Packing and production was done on a small scale along with her children at home and was then sold to her friends and close family members. Now, known as Sendayu Tinggi, she currently owns more than 400 types of products of various choices from herbs, facial care and cosmetics in an exclusive boutique." - source
I remember when I was younger I had only knew of the slimming products especially, as they were not my interest up to this age. Now that I know that they also have cosmetic products as well, I got slightly interested and curious. Currently in Miri, we do own one exclusive Sendayu Tinggi boutique in Permy Mall but still I was not interested to try despite being so curious. It was not until I keep seeing a fellow Instagrammer posted about her using ST's cosmetic products and also sold in Watsons Permaisuri I finally grabbed something. 

One of it was the ST Professional Make-Up Diamond BB Cream SPF 15. There were two types available, Satin and Glow - I chose Glow as it blended with my hand skin colour. 

But, apparently it was a big mistake as soon as I put it on my face. Lol. 

It was actually darker than even my hand, and even more on my face! If you can tell how orange-ish it looks there :/

Furthermore it's limited to one shade per type. And the fact that I dislike its consistency - it is thicker than a foundation, and somewhat harder to blend. You have to use a brush, fingers won't do! Also, even with one layer, your blemishes will still be obvious

I did not want to layer more on my face due to the thickness and hard to blend property -_- just as my first time, I end up having trouble removing it off my face. 

On the bright side, I am less oily using this. My T-zone did not get oily as fast as the rest of my BB creams, which is a good thing. I also do not need to touch up mid-day as the staying power is quite impressive. 

2.5 / 5 

That said, I would probably be trying out ST HD Foundation and lipsticks next! Stay tuned!

P/S: Any other BB cream recommendations? I only use foundation on weekends, as BB cream saves more of my morning time to get ready to work.

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