Mini Beauty Haul!

9:50 AM

Salam and hello!

I don't always purchase different stuffs for myself, as most of the time I'm the one type kind of use of a person haha (is that even a word?). Since I have been purchasing more than usual this time of month, I might as well share with you what items did I hauled this time! 

This Thayers Alcohol-Free Toner in Lavender Witch Hazel (RM45) is actually my 2nd bottle, but I lost my memory on where did I get the first bottle from. Lol. Anyways, I use this toner as it does not sting on my face. It's not my HG toner, but it shall do :3 

Touch in Sol's Velvet Touch BB balm (RM55.90): I actually bought this on impulse. I was curious, I don't feel like splurging more than the total, and I have never even read a single review on this at all. Sometimes being impulsive is a good move, sometimes it isn't. So we shall have to wait and see for my review! 

SaSa store

Cyber Colour Cleansing Oil and Eye Makeup Remover, got both for only RM60 - which is a steal, since the Cleansing Oil is RM53.90 if by itself! And got lucky as it was on sale; I was looking for a new kind of cleansing method. Been using the Bifesta Sebum Cleansing Lotion, but it does not work as good as what I've read around. Hehe. I will also probably do a comparison post of this Cyber Colour Cleansing Oil and Bifesta. 

I have been eyeing Batiste Dry Shampoo for quite sometime already. As I wear hijab everyday, I can't exactly wash my hair every morning as I don't have time to dry them off; and if I only wash the night before, my scalp gets crazily oily -.- and thus! Have not tried it out as much yet, but I shall keep y'all posted on the results.

I got them in Fresh and Tropical. Oh! It's only RM81 for two of these, RM35 per bottle and RM11 postage via Kangaroo Express. I especially suggest this seller to us girls in Borneo, as I tried to buy through a WM seller, but the package was returned to her... Along with a police letter. Yep. Better safe than sorry! 

I could not resist. 

My BBC sister, Melissa, shared this within our group and I had to take advantage of the free shipping worldwide + 20% off promotion! The shipping itself is $12.15, imagine how much you had save up with that amount! 

I grabbed the renowned Universal Blender EB09 brush, which they claim can be a match to MAC 217 and also the Angled Kabuki 602, because I want to work more on contouring skills. I will be doing reviews probably on these two sooner or later. 

As for the total? $26.32 only, with $11.16 and $15.16 respectively. 

And this concludes my most current haul!  I slow down on my blog these days as I am trying to find my real blog niche, while preparing for my assignments and finals exams as always. I love, appreciate and thankful for you who kept checking my blog out, even when I lacked of updates. 

Til then blurbers! 

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