It's A Wrap! Votes Are Opening! Project Rainbow Cameo

10:30 AM

Salam and hello!

After almost two months of blood, sweat and tears.... of which I am just exaggerating over here, Project Rainbow Cameo has come to an end. Took me some time to make this work, as this is my first ever collaboration project. Initially my vision for this project is to let fellow bloggers have fun while also sharing inspiring looks for all our readers.

So I would especially like to thank Christine, Izzah, Syafiqah, Mieza, Josie, Mya & Cindy for being with me in this project. I hope we will be able to collaborate again anytime in the future.!

That said, to not just let this little project slide away into the back of anyone's mind so fast...


You read it correctly :) I am opening a poll for all our lovely readers to vote for your favourite! So let's begin with our nominees!

Christine -
The first one to post for this project, on the colour RED. I'm always impressed by how she always meshes up her style together, they're interesting! One of my good friends back since uni days whom I always looked up upon at times haha :D cheeky, I know.

Izzah -
Responsible for the colour ORANGE, Izzah always writes so neatly and structured. One of the bloggers who I followed during my early days in The Butterfly Project :) and becoming friends after of course.! Haha.

Syafiqah -
Fiesty YELLOW, this blog is actually written by two sisters, but I am more comfortable talking to Syafiqah. She's another soul that I find to be daring in her makeup and blog writing apparently, and that made me interested as well to follow and be friends. :p

Mieza -
Sister of Katniss Everdeen but from another mother, Mieza was working GREEN for this project. Simply to say, she's a small spunky practical kind of person in my opinion!

Josie -
I got to know this lovely person as I had only entered under Tokyo Luxey group, initially we started chatting because we were Sarawakian (correct my memory if I am wrong haha). For your info, she had her own take on BLUE, with added touches of brown and roses :)

Mya -
Partaking as one for INDIGO, I invited Mya because I want to know her better as a friend. Living up to half of her blog name, she really is a sweet person to talk to :) and the way she writes is also interesting, even though it's in Malay!

Cindy -
Bold, energetic but can be sweet, Cindy brings her own kind of take on VIOLET, of which she fused it with the colour LILAC. One of the bloggers I always admired :3

Finally, Me! I was the extra in this theme, of which I have done on the RAINBOW entirely.

And it's time to cast your vote! This poll will be open until 31st October  2014.

Good luck <3

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