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International Swap - France [Part IV]

1:22 PM

This marks my 4th swap ever since I joined Be a Beauty Correspondent group! Although, compared to my other peers, I am quite slow with the swapping lol.

This is the second time I swapped with Lucie from France! (check out our first swap together!) But this time is a little different thou, as we swapped for...


I told her I was craving for the Galettes Bretonnes to the point I baked some of them hahaha. That's why we made this swap work :p

Chocolate stick with mint filling, Fruit Chocolate, Chocolate Malt Snack Bar, Chocolate Layered Sponge Cake (a little like Apollo Layered Cake concept hehe)

Madeleines (my colleagues called this imported Kuih Bahulu haha! Click the link and you will know why), Chocolate Coated Orange Biscuit anndddd Galette Bretonnessssss >.<

Apple Chip *_*, Strawberry Filling Biscuit and she even slipped in a makeup sponge and Kiko Smart Lipstick! T^T

Gorgeoussss colour! :D The camera did not do justice thou *sigh*

The sponge was included because I told her my cat ruined my sponge hahahah whereas for the lipstick, it reminds her of me - for this colour is something I would use and love to death LOL. She's like a bestie from another country, whom I cherish despite most of the time we tracked off from our conversation due to different time gap etc :p

Currently I am also waiting for my last swap of the year. Hehe! I'm unsure whether will I continue next year since I don't like to waste such beautiful things end up not being used by me >.<

Do check out the rest of my previous swaps too! Til then blurbers :D

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  1. swap lg tau...
    i pernah swap tp local jer....
    jom swap nak tak?
    lama da x swap2 ni

  2. Hehe yup! Kalau minat boleh la join group tu :D

    sure! email me babe ;)


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