Just A Little Life Update!

4:24 PM

Salam and hello!

If you realised already, my blog is going slow these days. Ahaha. Trying to follow the tips I've recently read, which is the 8 Ways to Boost Your Blog Presence When You're Bored. Anyhow, just putting in some main points on what's going on.
  • Will be facing my finals in December, so I cannot really play around. And I've just barely finished my assignment. Teehee. 
  • Project Elemental Beauties, the element FIRE is the only one not submitted. Would you like someone from the rest of the elements to create the FIRE look or let you, my lovely readers, to create your own version? :D 
  • I will probably revamp my blog by end of year, so I may lose more pageviews than I currently am now >.> 
  • I will be needing GUEST POSTERS for the whole month of December! I cannot offer you much in return, but if you need the same favour for your blogs I am happy to help! :) 
  • I'm also looking for something as a side project.. like.. I draw the comic, you provide me with a story line. Side okay side. Haha. 
Aye, til next time! 

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