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Modbox: Blogger Kit Unboxing

10:58 AM

Salam and hello!

Nearly end of last year, I was caught up in the beauty box craze in Malaysia of which at that time I was still such a newbie in the blogosphere. Haha. (Check out my first Modbox unboxing from last year!) But lately, it seems that the craze has gone slower - probably due to the price hike and such. Despite that, only a few still prevailed.

And one of them is Modbox.

I am utterly grateful to be selected as one of the bloggers to receive the special Modbox Blogger Kit and I express my thanks to Jess of Modbox for having me!

On forward to the unboxing :D  
and be prepared with me debuting my faithful plushies haha!

#1 Rescare Aqua Peeling Body Exfoliating Spray

Did you know that the average adult sheds 50,000 skin cells a minute? And if you don't exfoliate often enough, these dead skin cells can end up clogging pores and dulling the skin. 

The first full sized of the box! This is an exfoliator, but in a spray version. As you can see the size is larger than the Modbox. It can be used on both face and body :D I find this interesting because usually exfoliators are mostly... non-spritz. Haha.

Face: Cleanse face, pat dry, spray onto skin, gently massage in circular motion and then rinse well
Body: Spray onto body, gently massage in circular motion and rinse well

#2 Earth Care The Naturalist

Most commercial soaps are closer to detergents than traditional soaps. They are harsh, drying & strips your skin of the natural oils that protect, heal & moisturise your skin.

Second full sized item. How cute is the soap <3? Hello Kitty! I've always heard of this brand before, and was rather surprised Modbox included this too! The one I've gotten here is the Naturalist, which smelled like ginger. Haha. I heard ginger is good to break the fats. We shall see? :p I don't hate the smell despite the fact I actually don't eat ginger. Pfft. Hey, natural scents are a good thing eh XD 

You can lather with your hand or using the soap bag to lather. To lengthen its life span, keep dry each time after use.

#3 Miacare Acne Defense Concealer Stick

The third full sized item in this kit! A concealer stick that can come in handy as you can bring it anywhere and use anytime! How convenient :D I'm wondering when will I be using it since I don't own a lot of obvious pimples + I don't really bother about covering a lot of them anymore hahaha...

#4 Beauty Talk Oxy Aqua Gel Cream

If you haven't heard, oxygen facials are fast becoming one of the biggest celebrity beauty secrets. Celebs love them because they make skin look more plumped up and glowing, especially before a red carpet appearance. 

On forth to the first sample I've gotten! I had come across this brand on a few websites already, according to some reviews I have read, this moisturiser is fineeeee. So to have a go with this before I actually get a full sized item is a blessing! Haha. Different people different reviews of course.

#5 Dermacol Satin Makeup Base

This Satin Makeup Base smooths out unevenness, pores and fine lines to give you a velvety-soft film on your skin. This gives you a silky smooth base to enhance your look and increases the longevity of your makeup.

#6 Oriks Gemstone Platinum Water Holding BB Cream
#7 Talc-Free Rice Baby Powder

Oriks Gemstone Platinum Water Holding BB Cream is enriched with Platinum and 7 kinds of gemstone powders, including Pearl, Diamond & Ruby; these precious powders will soothe, regulate and balance your skin to give it a natural healthy glow. I wonder if this will work on my skin. Hehe.

Baby powder isn’t just for babies. And it isn’t only for the body either. Use it to add volume to your eyelashes, apply on T-zone areas to control oil and greasiness, or even as a dry shampoo! This Rice Baby Powder is made from non-GMO rice, and is completely talc-free (talc has been linked to ovarian cancer). It helps to obstruct bacteria growth without clogging pores or causing whiteness, so you can use it on your face without worrying about unsightly white lines.

If you are interested to get some of these for yourself, you are in luck!

Head off to to get them for this month! What's more, the beauty box is only RM9 exclude shipping! (WM: RM6,EM: RM9)

Til then blurbers ;)

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