[Guest] Acme bar coffee at troika, Jalan Binjai

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This guest post is written by Catherine, co-author of the blog Aquarius Feline. Her blog is mainly about food and a little bit on lifestyle as well. 

Lately, breakfast set is now a trend here in KL and the prices for breakfast set had almost standardize within an affordable range now. (For now only, as the price is increasing lately)
Everyone can now afford for breakfast set without feeling guilty for spending so much due to our money value and also inflation hehe

Today’s café hunting will be the Acme Bar & Coffee at Jalan Ampang.
Decided to give this a try thanks to its sizzling chocolate brownie
You may park your car inside so you wont risking your car kena tow away lol
Park near Tower A so you can take the lift up and the café is just on the right after entrance
The interior of the Café is really breathtakingly stunning, their furnitures matched with the ambience One word to best describe the café, stylish!
Didn’t manage to take any photo of the interior as too many eyes are looking awkwardly at me haha!

Their restroom is designed in a very unique way compared to other restrooms that I had been to.



Along the way to upstairs, you will be able to see cakes and desserts on display, 

I admire the cakes and pastries when I walked over lol

I really like their small flower pot. 


Looking really fresh!

I have quite an expectation on breakfast set, looking at the price even hesitating that this is a good place to dine in. But I told myself since I am here and looking at their menu, I should really give it a try.

\\ Acme Breakfast Club
// I choose the following combination : Italian Sundried Bread, Poached Eggs, turkey ham with Sauteed Mushrooms and Hash Browns.
// I think is not too bad la. Not out of my expectation hehe.

\\ Just mac and cheese

// Totally tasteless =.=
// Im not a salty person and all, but this is totally tasteless other than parmesan cheese taste
// Didnt bother to finish them.

\\ Cappuccino 

// Chamomile citron

\\The teabag is so cuteeeeeeeeeeee

\\ A jar of detox - honeydew + watermelon + mint


\\ Buffalo wings
// Look nice? Find it overpriced due to having such hard and dry chicken wings for that price.
Desserts time!!!!!


\\Sizzling brownie
//The hot chocolate sauce will be poured on the chocolate brownie and you can get to witness how the brownie get sizzled lol
// Brownie is overcooked. Chocolate brownie should be undercooked a little so it will be moist or wet wet texture and chewy feel.
// For me, brownie must be "wet" in the middle part", not too dry, and must be chewy. But this brownie, is overcooked.
// I feel like im eating an ordinary chocolate cake instead.  I dine in thrice, thrice also overcooked.
// This café is a bit overrated I could say, kinda overpriced.

\\ The "other" Pavlova
// This Pavlova is made out of sugar, with mixed nuts, banana, caramel on top and chocolate filling.
// In case you wonder how does this taste like, is like eating sugar coated with caramel sauce. 
// We couldn’t finish as it was tooooooooo sweet for us. The waiter actually politely requested us to change another one because he warned us this is going to be very sweet but my friend wanted banana lol.

Locations :

Acme Bar & Coffee
Unit G1 The Troika
19 Persiaran KLCC
50400 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2162 2288
Opening hours:
Mon – Thurs: 11am – 12midnight
Fri: 11am – 1am
Sat: 9.30am – 1am
Sun: 9.30am – 12midnight

* Do try one of their signature cake Cempedak cake, RM15
* Forgot to take photo of it
* Cake didn’t turn out to be too sweet and the cempedak cream is quite nice. This is something different. I like it

You can check out their menu here

P.S : please make a reservation beforehand.
* If you want to travel by public transport, take LRT to Ampang Park and walk there. Merely 10minutes, about 5 minutes walking distance

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