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Crazy Year End Sale Beauty Hauls!

10:30 AM

Salam and hellooooo!

After so long awaiting my products to arrive I finally have them in my hands T^T this is what you have to endure if you buy internationally LOL. Some of them were bought during the Black Friday sale back in November.

Worth the wait thou hehe <3

*take note most deliveries during the time were RM1! and with 10%

Michael Todd 
Charcoal Detox Deep Pore Gel Cleanser // RM39

I've been interested in this ever since I've read this off Izzah's blog haha. Just in time when my cleansers are almost finishing. Lol.

Asobu Teas 
Heart & Soul Mate - Orange Flavored Mate and Cherry Rock Sugar // RM21

I am a tea lover. That said, I never really ventured out and tried a lot of flavours. This is rather a stepping stone for me to start with something new. Tasted a lot like green tea. Pfftt.

Whittard of Chelsea 1886
Top: English Rose, Russian Caravan, Orange Pekoe (50 teabags) // RM10 each; Caramel Hot Chocolate // RM19
Middle: Green Jasmine (25 teabags) // RM10; Sencha Green Tea (50 teabags) //RM10; Decaf English Breakfast, English Rose (25 teabags) //RM15 each
Bottom: Mesh Tea Infuser // RM8

I only own two out of these, mind you. Hahaha. I combined purchasing these with my colleagues and my sister as well (konon belanja budak ni la haha). Want to try out various techniques and taste on these teas muhehehe.

City Color Cosmetics
Intense Exposure Highlighting Powder // RM5
Contour Effects Palette // RM20
Bold Brow Clear Gel // RM5
Jumbo Eye Pencil // RM15
Lip Balm set of 4 // RM20
Lenticular 36 Eyeshadow Palette // RM15 each
Jumbo Shadow Blend Dual Ended Crayon Set of 6 // RM30

Again, I do not own all of these. I only own the Contour Effects kit. Hahaha. I got influenced by a Youtuber called Tati, and since it was cheap so why not? Teehee. I also have one of the four lip balms I've gotten from the swap with Tami of which you can check out here

90 Degree By Reflex
Sports Bra in Blue Lavender // RM20

Initially I was getting 3 of these, but most of them ended up being out of stock and I only managed to grab this one. I mean, it's like over 80% cheaper compared to those in store! Haha.

Campus A5 Notebook // RM 9

Bought this for my sister instead for myself, since she's a student so she has a better use out of it rather than me :p and the cover just suits her well (IMO my sister has swag ahaha)

Gerard Cosmetics
Lipstick in Nude // USD 13.30 (discounted + free shipping)

First off, I regret not getting the pack of three. Then again at the time of me shopping there, I was also waiting for my international swap and I don't want to end up getting similar shades >.< Let me tell you this thou, this Nude lipstick is GORGEOUS. Definitely worth it especially during that sale period D: Oh well. Not my lucky day. Ahaha.

Andddddd there's about it. Most of them are not mine as you can see :D

Til next time!

P/S: Oh, and it's the last day of 2014 today! Stay tuned! :) 

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