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12:00 AM

This guest post is written by Catherine, co-author of the blog Aquarius Feline. Her blog is mainly about food and a little bit on lifestyle as well.  

Decided to go Meet Fresh after my dissapointed visit to the Kenko Fish Spa

You can literally count the fishes with your fingers, no im not exegerating at all. 
I have only max 20 fishes only.
You cant even get to feel the nibble nibble feeling anymore compared to the past.
I Will NEVER go back anymore.

// Did you know that, meet fresh not only serves desserts, but food as well?
// Serving is small. Like kids meal. So we wont get full for their desserts?

// Carbonara

// Green curry chicken

Take a guess what is this
*roll drum*
Is actually nasi lemak. Hehe

// The recommended mango ice special

\\Rate : 3/5
\\ Just so so, not too special
\\ is just mango with shaved ice and ice cream
\\ No, no hidden treasure inside hahahah. 

// Purple rice porridge with taro ball RM5.90

\\Rate 4/5
\\the sweetness of it is alright
\\ Im not even a fan of purple glutinous rice but i can finish almost 2/3 of it.
\\ You should give it a try :)

And not forgetting, my favourite mochi.
// Q mochi! RM8.90

\\Rate 3/5
\\ just so so, not really the mochi i would go for again. 
\\ Prefer the japanese version more
\\ this mochi is kinda chewy (maybe thats why they name is as q mochi?)
\\ If you have no expectation for mochi or have not tried mochi, you can try this to acquire the taste first

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