[Guest] PICKNIK at Publika

12:00 AM

This guest post is written by Catherine, co-author of the blog Aquarius Feline. Her blog is mainly about food and a little bit on lifestyle as well.  

A restaurant I actually anticipated to go
But it will be my first and last... why? read more and you will know why..

Picknik picknik picknik, Nik nik says pick me, pick nik! lame, pun intended
guess you guys had heard about the owner right?



He is so cute rightttttttt. SO CUTE. *self slap*

// Opened by one of a finalist from master chef malaysia, Nik Michael Imran,
// ang moh mix, Australian + malay.
// He is young, is low profile but high ambitious.
Dayum, where ya gonna find handsum guy who looks cute and can cook, like him? 

Why would it be my first and last visit? 
  • Publika is complicated, took me half an hour to find parking, and walk to restaurant 
  • Please park nearer to Sapura Kencana bulding, it would be much easier 
  • This place is hotttttt. Not sure is it because of the open concept restaurant ? 
  • Ambience is nice, the lamps make it twice hot.
  • was trying to call for waiter but got evil-stared by this hot girl from top to bottom. I'm like.. What? I dont pay food here to get stared by you like that! 
  • last one, the food. Food is so-so, but i think my grill chicken chop is kinda pricey i can say, Rm30 for a burnt char chicken
// Chicken parts not from drumsticks/thigh. all breast.
// My chicken is actually over burnt/char. it tasted so damn bitter
When nik asked us for opinion and was the food alright,
I wanted to tell him, my chicken is very bitter
But is a farewell for my colleague, i just let it go. colleagues tried them and gave me the same answer, dry and bitter..
But the potato wedges is nice :)

\\ Fish Pie
// Kinda surprise with this and not as up to my expectation

Vanilla Coconut Milk Shake
// The Milk is stronger than coconut taste.
// Not really up to my expectation, I had such a high expectation on the shake :(
// This will be my first and last



no, not the end yet hehe

Ending this post with more of other nice dishes I would recommend.

\\ Deep fried squid with wasabi mayo

\\ Nachos

\\ Caesar salad

\\ Salmon with lemon sauce



\\ Salted caramel brownie
// Crispy from outside, wet inside.

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