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6:49 PM

This guest post is written by Catherine, co-author of the blog Aquarius Feline. Her blog is mainly about food and a little bit on lifestyle as well.  

Hi guys, today im gonna do a device review.


I believed this is something very common and i suppose you are thinking meh, why need to even do review for monopod?
Is just a freaking metal selfie stick... 
I might prove you wrong, lets read the following review...

This is a wireless mobile phone monopod by the model name of Z07-5.

The function to use this is the same as normal.
All you have to do :
1) Turn on your bluetooth, and pair with the monopod decice. 
2) Insert your mobile phone into the phone clamp and secure it with the gasket
3) Fix the screw and stretch the monopod
4) Focus yourself and then press the button

I bet you are saying, so what is the interesting part? Lets read more
1) You dont even need to hold the bluetooth device to click it. All you have to do is click here

2) Since there is no device and is attached with the stick, you can charge this stick here!
Dont forget to off it when you are done using it. 

3) it comes with a year warranty

This device initially cost RM109

But guess, how much i paid for it? 
RM39 :))) 
The price isnt far off from the normal one right?

How? If you are a DiGi customer, walk in to your nearest DiGi Centre and buy it at the price of RM39 with the thank you card. (Or maybe you can check out with the staff there on how to purchase)

Go, while stock last! Dont say I bo jio :)

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