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Hi! This is catherine, from co-blogging temporary for syaza for the month of december as she will be away much due to her exams. I will keep you entertain as much as i could.

Why aquarius feline? 
my friend and I planned to make a joint blog, as we always claim to be the one and only reader of our blog. Haha (I am lazy to actively promote and she is lazy to actively update). We are both Aquarius and name starts with "cat". Both of us are almost like twins, and partner in crime. 

I will only be here for a month.
Frequency of blogging: 
once a week, twice if possible, and it will be every monday (fixed) and thursday. 

More to lifestyle. Travel, Food, Fashions, Gadgets etc. Still new to blogging.
Blogging device : iPhone5s

Ok, done with the standard Q&A. Hehe

Lets talk about wondermama X!
The first branch open at KL is bangsar
Then later they have a branch in Avenue K (June)
And it then became my favourite place for nasi lemak

By then i remembered how i get to know this restaurant, i almost give up in coming. 
I was attracted to wondermama when i happen to read the review on eat drink kl about their nasi lemak, the soft shell nasi lemak.
The photo look so nice and very very tempting.
So i paid a visit on their soft launching and guess what they are selling?
Limited beverage and.. Kuih.
Yes seriously kuih?
Apparently the restaurant is not even officially opened and blog post ask us to go huh?

But that incident did not stopped me from visiting again and again and again, (after 3 times) then only they start serving proper food. Haha!

Ok back to topic
This is the nasi lemak that attracts me to go. Definitely worth it

// NASI LEMAK 2.05

\\ Sambal Petai Udang, Kangkung, Ikan Bilis with Peanuts
\\ Options available : 
Chicken Karaage [RM16.90] NASI LEMAK 2.0
Soft shell crab[RM23.90] NASI LEMAK 2.05
Mackerel Fish [RM20.90] NASI LEMAK 3.0
Chicken Rendang [RM18.90] NASI LEMAK 4.0
Salmon Fish [RM22.90] NASI LEMAK S

\\The portion of nasi lemak is huge, sambal petai udang is yummeh.
\\ i asked for extra sambal! Yummy

\\ this time i got served without kangkung (replaced with cucumber)
\\ so this is the photo with kangkung

// Bacon Fried Rice
\\ mmm~ i love their fried rice. Definitely not the typical chinese fried rice. 
\\ no no at the salted egg, not authentic. Paid extra for something so weird :( 
Note : Beef Bacon

//7Up with Asam Boi
\\ This is so refreshing, sweet, sour and frizzy at the same time. 

Locations : 
Wondermama X at Avenue K
ground Floor, Avenue K, Jalan Ampang, KL

If you are traveling with public transport, take a LRT down to KLCC, entrance to Avenue K is just right on your left, while KLCC Is on the left
* P.S : wondermama X is opposite Cotton On (HUGEEE), same row as Sephora

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