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International Swap - Alaska [Part V]

10:30 AM

Salam and hello all! 

This international swap with Tami from Alaska marks my final swap for the year 2014 :D I am not sure if I am to be participating in a lot for next year, considering the fact that I have a goal to achieve. Hehe. Plus I have enough supplies - said no woman ever

And I thought I have given my all to my part of the swap to Tami, and she tops mine even better lol! Tami's a very sweet person, I just don't talk with a lot of people due to my anti-socialising skills pfft.

Let us carry on with what I've gotten then! 

Snacckkksss. Half of them are already gone by now ahahahah. We have Disney princesses thing going on between us, hence you will see more of them later on :p Wet n Wild Lipstain and Models Co Lip Gloss <3

Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo - smells divineeeee.
BBW Beautiful Day Body Cream - Colleagues flock me to have a taste of this wonderful cream! We all feel delicious. Apparently. Hahaha.
Almay Makeup Removers - facial wipes and eye pads too! Never tried Almay before, how exciting~~

Colour changing candle - I remember mentioning this to Tami about them being sold on the sale website here in Malaysia before and she got one for me! I took a video on my private instagram @shyuewa but I will be posting it on @bloobsblurbs as well :D Oh and also a stick-on-fridge note padddd. 

Ta-daah! Yesss. More Disney princess and Hello Kitty items :D 

What was inside! Limited edition Wet n Wild brushes, a few lippies products (namely Kate, City Color, Pop Beauty etc) and that cute little mascara :p hidden underneath the brushes was a bag filled with Benefit's They're Real mascara sample and a blue liquid liner <-- at one glance I thought it was the Sailormoon Eyeliner or something hahah! (Blue was Sailor Mercury's)

Tryna' be Ariel with all the luscious lashies. Bwahaha! 

Little lunch bag hehe :D 

Travel organiser, with Hawaiian vibe of prints! *_* Love it. It's even pink and black <3

Don't mind the background, I opened my parcel at the office. Pfft. A couple of primers (warghh Baby Skin!), stuffs off my wishlist on Pinterest <3 I was the most surprised with the Physician's Formula blush and Tarte Blush. In my head, I kept calculating the costs of these items when converted to RM; kinda weird eh? It's a habit because I always calculate to see which items are worth to buy haha! 

Most of the lip products combined :D I have a lot to experiment with this time heheheheh.  

Some of the swatches of lip products I've gotten :p Lime Crime was not swatched here as I will be saving it up hahaha. Can you guess which swatch belongs to which? (I'm not really asking thou haha!) 

Looking forward to creating hell-a-lot of looks with these!~ Most experiments are done on my face thou, if you are interested to be my canvas do feel free to find me! Here! In Miri! Haha. I don't think so D:

Till then blurbers!

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  1. Indeed hahahaha. I don't need to shop as much after this lol


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