DIY Diary Planner Links for 2015!

12:43 PM

Salam and hello!

This beginning of the year, I noticed there's quite a number of people whom has been purchasing tools and kits and diary planners, off Typo and Etsy, to name a few. Xsparkage from Youtube and fellow blogger Sabrina had both purchased from an Etsy store, Plum Paper Designs, maybe I'll be buying this kind if I have extra budget as it's rather pricey pffftt.

Whereas another fellow blogger Wiida has purchased this Typo's Black Glitter 2015 Planner:

...of which I regret not getting it too at the same time I was shopping for my sister's notebook T.T because it was very cheap at that time D:


Time for some DIY! So I have compiled a few (which are mostly free!) that I deemed to be appropriate off Pinterest, which you can check out below!
  1. Blog Planner and Editorial Calendar by Aka Design
  2. Updated Free Printables for 2015 by Eliza Ellis
  3. Free Planner and Calendar 2015 + More by The Handmade Home
  4. Free! 2015 Cornerstone Confessions Planner Printable by Cornerstone Confessions
  5. Passion Planner
I will update soon when I compiled mine completely. Teehee. If my suggestions are not enough for you, you can always check out Pinterest itself or just totally create one of your own!

Til then blurbers :D

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  1. Most welcome! Do share if you do use either one of them :D

  2. ahha I just posted about this planner thingy. me too only diy-ing my planner. btw cant wait to see yours :)

  3. Great minds think alike hehe! Will checkout yoursss :D haha currently in the midst of preparing mine :p

  4. Hehe stay tuned! :D do share if you DIY-ed too :)


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