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Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick Review

11:00 AM

Salam and hello!

It has been awhile since I last reviewed something eh? Haha. 

Following from my crazy beauty haul of last year, where I have purchased Gerard Cosmetic's lipstick in Nude, I have purchased yet another shade, for my mother. Haha. She was like "Why didn't you tell me you purchased this gorgeous lipstick during the free shipping season? I could have pitched in my preference at the same time." My bad indeed. Lol.

What shade are we talking about? 

All Dolled Up!! Even bought two of the same shade for her; chose the Lipstick 2 Pack, which costs like $38. Then again I have a 50% discount off code waiting to be used :p On the other hand, the shipping cost to Malaysia is $9.50, as they used USPS - United States Postal Service: US First Class Mail. Took 1-2 weeks only to arrive here in my city. Which is good - very fast :) 

Ta-daah! It's like a neon pink, despite the unjust this lighting gave off on the colour. It has the Barbie lips kind of vibe haha. Whereas Nude gives away a slightly brown-ish hue. As for the swatches: 

(L) All Dolled Up, (R) Nude

Just so you know, the finish is matte. So be sure to prep your lips beforehand! Sometimes I apply the Nude lipstick on top of my lip balm, sometimes I don't :D haha. As for the lasting power, it lasts for a good couple of hours - for me it depends, if I don't eat my lips. Pfft. Sorreh.

Next on the list, is either Buttercup or 1995! :D or the lipglosssesssss. Do check them out!

Til then blurbers!

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  1. Omg the gold packaging.. feel like buying this now!!

  2. Hehe, if you can wait for free shipping by near end of year (probably), it's worth to buy XD haha


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