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What to do When You Lack of Time in the Morning to Makeup?? TRICKS!

10:00 AM

Salam and hello everyone!

How much time do you usually have to prepare yourself in the morning? Especially if you are the kind who wears makeup to class/work?

For me I usually take an hour to prep - from showering, to putting on clothes, makeup and lastly hijab. Lol. Makeup specifically, I usually take 30-40 minutes so I must prepare my clothes for the day on the night before. Or I will be late. Haha.

Tip #1: No matter how late you are, NEVER skip your skincare routine. Usually, when I browse through Instagram, a lot of people admitted of skipping even moisturiser so there's more time for makeup. It's a big no-no okaayyy! 

Continuing on, I admit my speed in completing a full face makeup for less than 30-40 minutes is still quite slow. Hahahaha. So what I suggest you to do if you reaaalllyyyy lack of time...

Look 1: Googly Eyes

Prep your face as usual with your preferred base of foundation or BB cream, for example. Then define your brows, put on a few coat of volumising mascara, blusher and refreshing shade of lipstick! This is a trick I usually do when I want to look refreshing in the morning :D

Look 2: Cat Lady

What a bad case of eyebags lol

Opt for cat eye line! Usually for this look I will skip brow defining and mascara coats. Haha. If there's extra time, play a little with contours too ;) you do not need to do a defined one, only roughly (if you get what I mean!)

Look 3: Grunge Much

Smudge those jumbo eyeliners or paint pots onto your lids for a wash of colourrrr. It will give a rather smokey effect. And oh! Red shade lipsticks are usually not appropriate for work, but that's only my opinion - personal experience haha.

The only differences between these three looks are only the eye makeup. The rest of it are basically the same :D My most go to looks on workdays especially. FYI, I also tend to skip doing my eyebrows since they actually look better natural, only less full. Hahahaha.

Tip #2: If you think you REALLY cannot make it on completing your makeup at home, just bring them over to class/work! Maybe you can prep while being stuck in the morning jam or before anyone else reaches your venue. Haha. 

How about you? What kind of trick do you pull out if you lack of time? Do share! :D 

Til next time blurbers! 

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  1. LOVE the grunge look! When I am running out of time, I just swipe bold lipstick on my lips and wiggle some mascara on my eyelashes. :D

  2. hehe thank you! :D most simple and wide area of eyelids covered haha. Ah, the power combo of mascara + lipstick hehe!

  3. Bronzer, contour, and eyeliner are the first to go in the morning if I'm low on time! I never skip skincare, because my skin is dry and I could never skip moisturizer (or SPF). If I have time to put on makeup, I'll usually just to BB cream, concealer, powder, blush, mascara, and tinted lip balm.

  4. haha wow, bronzer, contour and eyeliner :D great tricks you got there! Ah, and its definitely a good thing for you as skincare is not skipped. Kudos!

  5. Your eyes is so big and cute. Envy! Hehe
    My preferences of you was cat eyes. You're pretty, darling. :)

    Anyway, this is my first time visit your blog and I super love your header. So cute I wanna die. :D


  6. Ah thank you very much :) your takes on cat eyes are prettier! :D

    Hihi I appreciate that a person such as you has visited my blog, I am honoured <3

  7. Cute eyes u got...
    Btw jemput singgah to my blog

  8. ehehe thank you! :D akan menyinggah sebentar lagi <3


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