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My POV: Getting Fit is the New Trend!

11:00 AM

Salam and hello!

Lately, a number of my friends on Facebook had jumped onto the bodybuilding bandwagon. I noticed this trend since late 2013, where a lot of people who are in my friends list seem to be increasing in size - muscular for the guys, fit and slim for the ladies. Haha. And to my utter surprise, a few of the long time chub club also joined in to this motivation!

In the beginning, I did not even bother to know of these things. And then peer pressure comes along. I was slowly pressurised by the constant posts of people who works out and seeing their results and all.

You see. I am laze ball. And in these kinds of things, I am not motivated to do them because I am happy with my chubby self. Haha.

I will give it a chance of trying for a few times, and will completely give up after that >.>

Well I guess one must get hit with a hard blow to realise things eh?

One of it was the fact that I am at the brink of nearing obesity, which never happened in my entire life. Most of the time I am just happily overweight. Lol. Other factors... it's still obvious in some of my social media. Teehee. And therefore, I have decided to challenge myself to become fit. My goal is to be achieved by July. Haha.

No, I don't intend to be slim. I want to be toned, as shown below. Bwehehe.

I just hope I am strong-willed to finish it. That's it. //cries

Wish me luck!

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