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Sleeping Beauty Tips?

11:00 AM

Salam and hello all!

I can totally bet that anyone would want to wake up in the morning, still looking as gorgeous as the woman in the photo shown above eh? So far my own experience of waking up is my sexy bed hair but pale looking face. Bwahaha. Now that I'm going to reach a new age peak of my life soon, I need to take care of myself even more! How?

By treating your hair and skin (overall your entire body) overnight using natural remedies are the best ways to wake up as gorgeous the next day! Here are some tips I've managed to collect:

1. Moisturise: This is the most important matter, especially if we wear makeup during the day! You wouldn't want to bring all those grimes to the next day now would you? Cleanse and exfoliate to deep clean your skin from all the dirt and makeup, then follow up with a good old moisturising process to rejuvenate your skin overnight. Tip: Use a small drop of Vitamin E oil under your night cream to wake up to a radiant glow! Also, for an all natural night cream you can use olive oil and massage it into your skin before snoozing.

2. Eye Care: Almond oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E oil and even Coconut oil can be used to treat dark circles and fine lines. Just use your ring finger and massage the eye area lightly :) 

3. Luscious Lippies: Glide a thin layer of almond oil OR use honey over your lips for kissable smoochies haha.

4. Hair Care: One of the popular trends these days is using argan oil for the hair. Apply them at the ends of your hair for conditioning and nourishment.

5. Cuticle/Nail Care: I've always neglected them previously, to be honest. Haha. So, to moisturise your cuticles and at the same time strengthening your nails, use a small amount of coconut oil onto them.

6. Soft Japanese Women-like Hands: No pun intended, I have always heard of their soft hands even when they're already oldies. Haha. I heard they used rice water for that. Another method is exfoliating the hands using a DIY scrub consisting of black sugar and coconut oil. After that massage in your hand cream or again, Vitamin E oil and slip on some gloves for softer, smoother, younger looking hands.

7. Soft Feets: Vaseline, or warm olive oil can be used to massage your feet, then put on some socks to lock the moisture in! Another way to achieve this, go and check out my review on Beauty Foot.

8. Gorgeous in Satin: Sleeping on satin pillow helps to reduce acne build up, reduces stress on skin so you don't wake up to sleep lines and also it helps to reduce friction so to prevent breakage and frizzy hair.

If you have any other tips for overnight beauty tips, do share! Til then blurbers :)

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