Snovits Hydra Glow Essence Review

10:30 AM

Salam and hello!

Ahhh. It's been ages since I properly reviewed a skincare product! Hehe. Usually I don't do them, especially if my skin is not too good at that moment. Nevertheless, would like to express my gratitude to Hishop Malaysia for the opportunity! 

This is how it looks like!

Snovits Hydra Glow Essence is a powerful night essence which supplies specific nutrients required by your skin to leave it soft, smooth, youthful and with a glowing tone. It is rich in Hyaluronic Acid, along with Vitamin C, and Grape Seed Extract, of which the specialised formulation of this Essence provides proven visible results on skin hydration, clarifying, brightening and minimizing your pores as well. Additionally, it also helps to promote skin cell repair and strengthen skin cell DNA.
  • Use as a mask: Apply a 3mm layer of Hydra Glow and leaving for 20 to 45 minutes tops, then rinse off and follow up with your daily care regime. 
  • Use as Night Essence: Apply small amount to the entire face after cleansing. If any product gets into your eyes, mouth or on lips rinse immediately with clean water.
// Best recommended to be used together with Heptapetide Restorative Cleansing Essence! 

Personally, I use it every night - overnight exactly. Every morning after I wake up my face will feel so sofftttt and bouncy. Hahahaha. After using it for a period of almost a month, this is the result:
(seriously, it's not filtered!T__T)

The "after" is actually after I washed my face and applied nothing. Hahaha. So bare faced OMG >.< I do feel my face is brightened up even more now. As for the pore minimising, there's no effect on me. Probably I need to use it longer. Teehee.

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