Valentine Inspired... What?

10:30 AM

Salam and hello!

Gosh, yet again, Valentine's Day is coming soon! I bet a lot of you love birds will be going out for dates - dinner dates, picnic dates etc.... Haha. As for me, just a regular Saturday perhaps. Where I will be working out. With my JK1M buddies. Lol. At least I am doing something rather than wallowing in self-pity no? >.<;;

Initially, I wanted to come up with a fashion inspired post for Valentine, but I did it last year! So instead, I'll be doing this type of post:

Gifts for Him and Her

Yup, gift ideas! Bear with me thou. I'm a very bad gift picker honestly. Hahaha.

Valentine Gift Idea for Him

Valentine Gift Idea for Her

Some of the basic ideas you can gift your partner. I am all for practicality rather than useless-just-for-display type of items. Lol. And for the ladies, it's more pink appropriate for this type of day in my opinion, unless she likes other colours hahahaha.

Until next time blurbers!

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