Makeup Talk: Do You Prefer to Makeup People or Only On Yourself?

11:23 AM

Haha me without makeup! 

Salam and hello!

Ah, yet another non-beauty related type of post. Lol.
Have you ever wondered...?

You are aware that you love makeup and love putting them on, but are you the kind who's only comfortable to put them onto your own face only or you love to put them on other people as well? Let me call the ones who love to makeup themselves as "Soloist" and those who love to makeup other people too as "Artist". For myself, I think I identify more as a "Soloist"; I am rather a simpleton when it comes to everything, and that includes beauty stuffs. I do not like to over-complicate things. Ugh. e.g too many brushes for one eye, its confusing haha :p

Moving on, based on my observation off social medias, here are some of the pros and cons for these two types of makeup lover:

  • You do not need to share your brushes and makeup
  • There is no need to buy and own too many brushes and not using most in the end haha.
  • You can get a side income! - means you can buy more makeup and brushes :D
  • You get to broaden your horizon and upgrade your skills!
  • Limited funds. You will think twice on splurging!
  • You have to share and take care even more of your brushes and makeup. Talk about them needing to be bacteria-free always! Tedious process~~

So far this is what I could think of hahah! The "Soloist" con is relatable, because for me, unless there are more funds for me to splurge, I'd rather save them for rainy days. That's also a way so you don't overspend everytime! Hehe. FYI, I did not put anything about one's skills under the "Soloist" cons because I find a lot of people CAN upgrade their skills even without the help of a broader canvas, get it? :) It's all down to hard work y'all!

If you have anything else to add do comment below :D And that is the end of my short rant hehe. Til then blurbers!

P/S: Youtuber Shaaanxo is identified to be a Soloist too! Hehe.

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