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3 Simple Fashion Tips!

9:09 PM

Salam and hello!


A powerful word of the fast-paced industry that has trends changing all the time you could hardly keep track! Because of this fact alone, a lot of us had to channel our inner shopaholic so we could follow the current hottest trend. Haha. 

So today I would like to share a few tips before we start shopping for items we may use but rarely or not use them at all: 

1. Do Not Over-Accessorise
I am an accessories junkie. I collect heck a lot of rings and bracelets and bangles too, not so much of the necklaces thou. Then again, those days are gone. Hahaha. Ahem. Back to the topic. Few stacks of bangles and bracelets are fine, but add them up to your elbows? Might as well use everywhere you can no? :D simplicity is key! And don't forget to check whether it blends in together with your outfit or not - so that they won't outshine the gorgeous outfit you may be having.

2. Love Handles Alert!

Please. Don't let the muffin top spill! Personally I don't mind the extra loves and all, because I have them too. Haha. Find clothings that would help accentuate your sexiness, not making them unattractive to a lot of people. Hey, I'm no judge, just that a lot of people in our community are still judgemental on the not-so-average-sized people :) My suggestion, is if you want to wear tight bodycon clothes, wear suitable undergarments. Corset, spandex.. you name it.

3. Follow Current Trends

I know I know. You may still love your leopard prints but it's no longer in trend. Just like life, move on. Lol. Go out and explore the new choices, be it at retail stores or via online stores. Haha. Just in case you are wondering where to get the latest trendiest fashion out there especially for us in Malaysia, check out ZALORA as they offer a wide range of fashion items for women from various local (Jovian Mandagie, Rizalman) and also international (MANGO, Dorothy Perkins) brands as well!

And that's about it, my simple fashion tips. Teehee. Til then blurbers!

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