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[Advert] iPrice Malaysia: Your One Stop Shopping Destination!

10:30 AM

Salam and hello!

One thing about online shopping here in Malaysia, is that we do not always get coupon codes to shop unlike in the States - what I mean is that not all websites provide you with a coupon code. Haha. Also, even if you found some coupon codes they may no longer be valid and has expired >.>

Today, let me share with you something that will get your online shopping gear going! Introducing:

A little background information on;

iPrice is a one stop online destination for unbeatable discounts and coupon codes in the country. It enables online shoppers to get an additional discount upon their purchase. 

Instead of browsing through different websites, iPrice collects and presents the best discounts and/or coupon codes from popular online shopping stores in the country on one easy-to-view platform. 

Well, to simplify it, iPrice Malaysia is a website for you to not only get coupon codes and discounts from various websites, but it is also a place where you could compare prices of items you want under one website! How convenient is that :D

Before that, take note that iPrice is divided into two sections which are iPrice Shop and iPrice Coupons.

This is how iPrice Shop works:

If you want to specifically look for items by brands, it's easily categorised as the following.

Or, just follow through via categories :D

Being a beauty junkie, how can I resist browsing through the beauty and health section? Hahahaha. I get to know of new brands at the same time ^^;

iPrice not only has helped me by offering the items from trusted online shopping websites (such as Zalora, Lazada,, and then sent me off to my merry way to the website which sold items that I had decided to purchased, but also its not time-consuming and very convenient! - ya don't need to open a lot of tabs on your browser! :3

Ehem. Back to the topic. Next section is the iPrice Coupons, where you can check out the latest and updated coupon codes and discounts currently happening!:

Ahhh. Zalora. It has the most coupon codes and offers ongoing here, I suggest you grab then as fast as possible! The cool thing about the iPrice coupon too is that not only they are updated, but they also let you know of the deadline for when the coupons are going to expire. Pretty cool huh? I'm waiting for payday to splurge. Bwahaha x:

Just click on whichever offer you are interested in and it will then take you to the respective website of the offer had originated. And there you have it, I hope you're all ready and pumped to try out iPrice by yourself :p
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For more information, visit:
iPrice Malaysia Official Website:
iPrice Malaysia Facebook page : 
iPrice Malaysia Twitter:

Til then blurbers! 

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