Australis All Over Face and Body Tint in Light Review

1:37 PM

Salam and hello!

Ah~ an exclusive Australian brand that is not easily obtained. Lol. Thanks to Mysale, I was able to get my hands on this baby: 

Why this out of all the things I could have gotten during the sale? 

Well, because I need a new type of coverage :D I heard that this tint is one like the MAC Cosmetics Studio Face and Body Foundation, not sure thou since I have not own one yet haha. And thus, purchased this for only RM60 including postage during that time, as I was purchasing it by myself without anyone. Hehe. 

I have gotten myself in the shade LIGHT. This tint has 3 shades only - Light, Medium and Dark. The packaging is plastic, so you do not have to worry about dropping it hahaha. A more elaborate description from the website as shown below:
What is it?
The perfect All Over Face & Body Tint that provides skin with a sheer lightweight tint to enhance skin tone. Contains a blend of natural emollients including Jojoba, Pomegranate, Rosehip and Avocado oils to help moisturise, condition and evenly distribute pigments.
Why we love it
The sheer, natural looking coverage is easy to blend and ideal for your face and decolletage. Contains Lecithin which is moisturising, and skin conditioning. Jojoba Oil which acts as an emollient is anti aging and clinically proven to reduce skin dryness. Pomegranate Oil which is moisturising and contains high levels of Vitamin C. Rosehip Oil which is an Antioxidant, Rich in Omega 6 oils & Oleic Acid & Vitamin A and Avocado Oil which is moisturising.

Squeeze out the product! Definitely handy. Lol.

In real, the shade seems to lean to a pink undertone. Even the bottle seemed like it has pinkish undertone for the shade. Don't worry thou, the eyes are playing tricks on you ;)

Not much difference here. Haha. As I said, it's a tint! Unless you have flawless skin and minimal scars, you can wear this on top of your moisturiser just like that. Me personally, I will cover the scars and other flaws with colour correctors first, then apply this tint on top. 

  • It's lightweight! Just felt a little heavy on first application
  • Sturdy plastic packaging
  • Closed nozzle to prevent spillage
  • I dislike the scent, even so it's not too strong and wears off not too long after
  • Hard to get especially in Malaysia. Unless you have a friend in Australia.  

There you have it! Short, not-so-sweet simple review. Hahaha. So far I don't hate it, but it's not a favourite yet either. Planning to get my hands on the Velour Lips or the AC on Tour palette one day! Hehehehe. Til next time!

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