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Gerard Cosmetics Just 4 You Bundle

10:30 AM

Salam and hello!

...I just had to. HAHA.

Lol. I was drawn in to purchasing this just one day AFTER Sophia Chang a.k.a fashionista804 on Youtube who just launched her signature lipstick on Gerard Cosmetics!

The rest is history:

I chose the "Just 4 You" pack and used Sophia's coupon code. Coincidentally had free shipping that time. So I have chosen one lipgloss and the rest are lipsticks, including Sophia's Kimchi Doll.

Gerard Cosmetics' Color Your Smile Lip Gloss

Let me tell you this, I am no fan of glosses. but being a curious cat after watching a lot of reviews on Youtube - why not? Hahaha. Again, for the first time getting this type, I chose the safest colour. This is the shade Coral Craze, of course, it's coral shade. The fun thing about this gloss is:

Lights up! I tried applying the gloss in the dark. HAHA. So funny. But it worked! :p

  • it has lights! Lol. and also a mirror for convenience :D 
  • versatile haha. you can combine with a few shades~~
  • If you have dry chapped lips, please do not use. Haha. It felt matte at first application. Hahah.
  • $24!!!! Unless you have discount codes.
Gerard Cosmetics' Lipsticks

Next, let us meet the rest of the clan!

First shade that I would like to talk about is, Kimchi Doll, the shade that pulled me into buying ahahaha.

The shade is said to be baby doll pink and peach nude. I find it very light for my skin. Pfftt. The swatch is way lighter than Lime Crime's Opaque Lipstick in Babette. Hmmm. It's probably meant for fairer skin, because it washes out my complexion totally - I looked so pale when used alone. Haha. Will try to experiment with lip liners and such :p

....and I never thought I would get the tube with her signature ❤️

The next one is Tequila Sunrise. Hahaha. I wanted to buy this shade when I first purchased from Gerard Cosmetics, but I was on a tight budget during the time. Took the chance this time :D it's a peachy coral shade with matte finish. This would go well combined with the Coral Craze lip gloss :D

Last one of the bunch is Rodeo Drive. Remember I mentioned I wanted to get Buttercup last time? Still haven't gotten it because I chose this instead. Lol. This one is medium rosy pink hue, just a tad darker from my original lip colour. I could get away with this! Haaaa :D

Swatches on the hand:

Andddd not forgetting swatches on the lips:
The red leopard shawl was on Friday. Hahahaha. Different lippies throughout the day :p

  • Does not dry out on the lips despite being matte
  • gorgeous shades that compliments almost all skin tone!
  • Sticks to your dried lip skin ohemgeeee.
  • it's friggin $19 for one lipstick

What do you think? Would you purchase either of these? Haha. Let me know in the comments :D Til then blurbers!

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  1. Gosh it is a little pricey... hehehe

  2. It isssss. That is why you have to be aware of the discount codes and all, especially the free shipping haha :D


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