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She's Like A Star: Dreamy Pisces

10:30 AM

Salam and hello!

Wow, I am late with posting of Pisces for this series ^^; It has ended on March 20th! Could not post this one up in time because I was travelling for work. Apologies!

Let's get to know about the Fish shall we?
"Understanding" is a most appropriate keyword for this gentle, affectionate sign. Easygoing and generally accepting of others around them, Pisceans are often found in the company of a variety of different personalities. Their willingness to give of themselves emotionally lends to an aura of quiet empathy. A Pisces is comforting to be around. While not likely to be the leader, this sign's presence is strong and vibrant in any cause they put their hearts into.
 As usual, my teaser was up on Instagram (and I always post in black and white haha):

Prepare thyself for a lot of vain selfies! Lol.

Theme: Coral

Eyes: NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, NYX Lip Pencil in Rose, Wet n Wild Lipstain  Big Look Waterproof Mascara, NYX Wonder Pencil in Light, Etude House Eyebrow Tint in #01, ZA Retractable Eye Brow Pencil

Face: MUFE HD Foundation in 140, LA Girl Pro HD Concealer in Creamy Beige and Beautiful Bronze, City Color Cosmetics Contour Palette Kit, Laura Mercier Setting Powder in Translucent

Lips: Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick in Tequila Sunrise

...this look was completed by midnight - the reason why my skin is so problematic there haha v_v (had another look on for the same day, I just removed the eye makeup and did not touch up my face) I made the look winged, and lined outside the wing with the lip pencil but it's too light >.> dabbed the lip stain on the eyes. Pfftt. It left a stain on my lids after I washed it off hahaha.

I feel so dreamy here. Indeed. HAHA. Looking forward to doing Aries next! Don't forget to check out the previous looks:

Til then blurbers :D

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