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BH Cosmetics 6 Colour Concealer and Corrector Review

10:30 AM

Salam and hello!

Hehe. Things I have gotten from Mysale just kept coming in. This time I purchased something that I have been curious of for soooooo long:

Enjoy the photos! 
Top row - 3 shades of concealer, bottom row - pink (undereye darkness), yellow (brightening), green (redness and blemishes)
This kit has three types of shades only, namely Light, Medium and Dark. I was not sure whether I would fit with Medium so I chose Light instead. (I'm like a NC20-25 perhaps?? Hahaha). The first time I used this, I think I applied especially green too much. HAHA. Now I am regretting it. Lol.

For the texture, I love that it feels creamy and it blends quite easily. I usually use the middle shade for my concealer and all corrector shades for my face. Hahahaha. Imagine my face with loads of colours :p
Here is the AFTER photo with my full makeup on. I used the green one and the yellow one to cover my blemishes and undereye dark circle respectively. Products used including the recent Australis All Over Face And Body Tint :D

...yeap, I have puffy eyes left to tackle too lol.

  • creamy texture, blendable
  • different shades of concealer, what's not to like??
  • cannot be used with a brush. you need to use your fingers :v
  • limited to only 3 shades. Why isn't there Light-Medium or Medium-Dark? Haha.
I wonder what's next from Mysale. Haha. Crazy ol' lady :'D
Til then blurbers!

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  1. hello! Nice review for the concealer. Have not tried so many colours on my face before but I heard that it is really good to use the different concealer colours for different purposes :)


  2. Hello! Thank you very much :D yes, it is good. try it out! way better looking on the face ^^

  3. I've been using makeup for years but have never owned a colour corrector concealer palette before lol ^^; What do you think of their coverage? Is it long lasting?
    Btw, you look so cute *w*

  4. Haha :D I was influenced by Jordan Liberty on Youtube to get this kind of product lol. Coverage is light to almost medium haha :b and it's quite long lasting, for oily skin. It's obvious on some dry patches :v

    aww //shy thank you lol

  5. Ahh I see, thanks for the information!
    You're welcome hehe ^^


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