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Skinny Mint 14 Day Starter Teatox review

10:30 AM

Salam and hello!

I do not remember for how long had I kept the urge to get this tea. Lol. But finally, around two or three weeks ago I purchased them and bam! The rest is history. Hahaha. Let's get to know about Skinny Mint first shall we?

"At SkinnyMint we celebrate the joy of being healthy and gorgeous, in spirit and body. We are passionate about creating unique and extraordinarily effective concepts that can truly make a difference in your life. We don't want to sell a product, we want to give you a lifestyle which is healthy, natural and sustainable.

Our products contain all natural ingredients that are carefully selected, sourced, blended and packaged by our expert partner in Germany, keeping finest quality and respect for environment our parameters. We have created a unique and effective tea formulation for you to achieve your health goals."
So I chose the 14-day Teatox package, which consists of 14 morning boosts and 7 night cleanse teabags. Got it for only RM94.90, and it was free shipping too! Ahem, no matter where you are in the world :D 

The 14 Day Starter Teatox is the starter pack of the full 28 Day Ultimate Teatox. Expertly formulated, the Morning Boost and Night Cleanse teas are synergistically combined for maximum effects.

The Morning Boost is designed to increase energy through out the day and to naturally reduce the appetite. It contains Green Tea, Yerba Mate and Guarana with a naturally sweet fruity taste.

The Night Cleanse is designed to naturally cleanse the body which could lead to reduced bloating. It contains all natural ingredients to promote the cleansing process.

Fresh and fruity Morning Boost can replace your morning coffee/black tea and earthy and soothing Night Cleanse is the perfect bedtime ritual. (source)

Morning Boost: It smells fruity but taste like green tea. Not too tasteless like the original green tea, which is fine by me. Hehe. Some even suggested for me to add it with honey, but I was like "Let me just drink it in its glorious original taste now shall we?" 

As far as boosting energy and curbing appetite, welll it's proven a little. Haha. I do feel more energetic in the morning especially at work, and always too full to eat (but I did not skip my meals! Just cut down the portion ahaha)

Night Cleanse: The first time I consumed this, I wanted to cry. LOL. I was not used having that spicy feel in my tea D: as you can see on the ingredients, it contained ginger root, lemongrass and peppermint - ones that gives you the chill lol. I eventually persevered and conquered by the third time muhaha. 

On the packaging also mentioned gentle laxative may occur to cleanse the body, of which I did not suffer too much of. I don't know if my tummy needs more stronger detox at night or it's already cleansed. Haha. I have had experiences that I skipped my period for two months a few times already everytime I did detoxing D: so I am a little freaked out on that. 

And so, this is how they look like, unsoaked haha:

Their colours don't differ much from green tea, only that NC is darker than MB when soaked despite their colours as shown above. 


I think I consume this at the wrong timing. Lol. Because I took these when I am on gym-vacation (exam week!) T.T but I am happy to say, I feel less bloated :D and I think my metabolism is also in check already as I do not gain any weight despite not working out and clean dieting teehee. 

I cannot show evidence of my before and after tummy photo, as its categorised as my aurah :) my waist line reduced too by the way, from a 31-32 inch to a 30.5 inch. I have not had that measurement for yeaaarrss. Lol. 

Anyways, I am not saying this teatox will really make you lose weight, it's more of a detox and aiding you to lose those pesky little fats. You still need to workout and eat clean in order to lose weight! 

For future purchase, I might purchase the bestie 2 x 28 days package along with my colleague haha :D 

How about you? Would you try this detox  tea pack out? Let me know what you think! 

Til then blurbers :)

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  1. Assalamualaikum Syaza, thanks for reviewing this item. I've seen it all over instagram and always wondered what is the rave of this product all about. There's so many cases of slimming tea or supplements that could be harmful for the body, so I'm very was2 when it comes to it. But if it helps to detox I guess it's safe to consume.. Just curious if there's any side effects. Plus I'm breastfeeding so not too sure if it's advisable to consume.

  2. Waalaikumussalam Kak Melissa :)

    Most welcome! I was as curious, that is why I ended up buying. I agree there are a lot of dangerous products out there. So far alhamdulilah there are no bad side effects, just that I am currently having a bad breakout on my face (they hurt too) of which never happened before. Haha. And the thing about detox this time is that my periods are fine, so its not like the usual detox tea out there. Anyways, it is not encouraged for pregnant or breast-feeding mothers, so kak have to wait until you stopped breast feeding :) I hope this helps!


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