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And the winner for Miri's Jom Kurus 1 Malaysia Season 4 Is????

10:25 AM

Salam and hello!

This is rather the continuation of my introduction to Kevin Zahri's Jom Kurus 1 Malaysia programme hahaha. And way overdue. 

The winner was finally announced during JK1M Miri Dinner Night on the 5th of March, it was held at Hotel Nur, one of JK1M Miri's sponsor (the other sponsors were E-zy Health Fitness Gym and Beach Republic Miri); the final workout had commenced on the 28th of February.

Initially there is supposed to be two winners - one from the male, one from the female. Because there were no men involved in this season, therefore 3 winners were to be chosen. Before we continue, let me share some photos before revealing whom were the winners :D

I think we were watching a tribute video of our activities here, hence the concentrated looks on our faces haha.
From left: Asst Trainer Mila, Owner of Hotel Nur and her manager, Team Leader Zulfadli

The only sad thing happened during the dinner night was that not everyone had turned up. Yeah... when it was nearing to the end some had bailed out and gave a lot of excuses not to attend some sessions before that either. Lol. It's gut wrenching for me because they should have worked out a lot more than some of the smaller ones (like me! I'm smaller than a lot of them haha). After that some lucky draw was done, and finally! The time had come to reveal the winner!

2nd runner up, who had lost 1kg:
1st runner up, who had lost 2kg:
Winner of JK1M Miri Season 4, lost 3kg:

If you noticed, the newspaper mentioned us losing more than what I wrote here. Lol. Media. But honestly, why would I lie about losing that much weight? Haha. Other than the money price, the winner and 1st runner up also won a complimentary 3-months free gym access at Beach Republic, Miri.

Anyways, I was not expecting to win at all because all of us expected the 2nd runner up to be the winner. I mean, she's more diligent than any of us, she went to the gym and go on the treadmill twice a day, and consumed like less than 1000 cal per day.


She did had a far headstart than I did, but ended up failing her diet 2 weeks before weighing in as she could not control her food intake during the time. My current coach said that is due to her wonky metabolisme - when she could no longer consume 1000 cal and below, that is where the water weight started to be stored again in her body. If you get what I mean @@

Anyways, it has been a wonderful journey despite a few setbacks. I am still continuing on with my weight loss journey, alhamdulilah it is currently going well :D

For your information, pre-registration for JK1M Season 5 is currently ongoing, of which the season will start in September this year! So hurry your butt and register!

I will leave you with some group photos of us. Til next time blurbers <3

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