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Maybelline The Hypercurl Volum Express Mascara Review

10:30 AM

Salam and hello!

As of lately, I am into looks that involves perfect eyebrows these days. Lol. What I meant is that filled-in brows but minimal to no eye makeup on the eyes on the weekdays. Haha. 

Not only that I am looking for something voluminising for my sparse lashes, I'm also interested in a mascara that curls and lengthens my lashes at the same time, so that I would look awake at work! 

And without delaying any further, introducing..

Maybelline The Hyper Curl Volumising Mascara! 

It's the No 1 Best Selling Mascara in Malaysia, new and relaunched! A little description on this mascara:

  • It's waterproof :)
  • has an exclusive curl-lock formula that would give you dramatically curled lashes!
  • not to mention it adds volume at the same time
The curved out part is to lengthen your lashes, whereas the curved in part is for volumising. And I will be comparing the Hypercurl with its sister mascara: 
The Rocket Mascara, which is launched after it but has almost the same features as the Hypercurl, you can check out my individual review on it here

Moving on, here are the results:
Pardon le skin. lol. I haz panda eyes and uneven skin :v 


  • it's lightweight on the eyes
  • not irritating for contact lens users like me! 
  • volumising and lengthens the lashes
  • curls the lashes without needing the curler :o 
  • can be easily removed with makeup remover - no hassle!


  • clumps if applied more than two to three coats, depends on how you handle
What do you think? Would you be intterested in purchasing? It's available in all leading stores, supermarkets, pharmacies... :D it's rather affordable too! Check it ouuttt <3

Til then blurbers!

**Disclaimer: Although this product is sponsored, all opinion stated are 100% honest opinion!

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