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Skin Factory 7 Seconds Lip Tattoo Review

10:30 AM

Salam and heelllooooo!

Gwahh. How exciting that it is nearing Raya Eid Ul Fitr soon!

How are your preparations going?
Enough cakes and cookies for people to come over?
Are you going to prepare soft drinks or healthy drinks for the guests?
Do you have enough supplies of...


Do not worry! Today I would like to share with you one very awesome product that you can add into your collection just before Raya comes teehee :D
Let's see what do we have here.....

Sick & tired of heavy lipstick that leaves behind stains everywhere? Want a lip color that’ll actually last for a long time? Well, SKINFACTORY has amazing news for you ! The innovative, revolutionizing 7 Seconds Touch Fit Lip Tattoo Pack is here to perfect & pump up your lips.
Included in the pack are the 7 Seconds Touch Fit Lip Tattoo & the 7 Seconds Speed White Cream to maximize the effects of each product for that flawless look that’s sure to flaunt your lips and turn heads. Made with all natural ingredients with no irritants, hydrate, nourish, & color with the 7 Seconds Touch Fit Lip Tattoo Pack today!

Courtesy of Natta Cosme, I have gotten myself all three available shades of this product - namely No 1 Sexy Pink, No 2 Jewelry Pink and No 3 Vita Fruits Peach! And they came with Hydro Moisture White Cream and the 7 Seconds Speed White Cream respectively ;)

Direction of Use:
  1. Before applying makeup, massage in an adequate amount of the 7 Seconds Speed White Cream to desired areas (face, neck, arms, legs, etc.).
  2. To use the 7 Seconds Touch Fit Lip Tattoo, apply an even coat on the lips without going over the edges of your natural lip lines. 
  3. Let the lip tattoo dry for about 5-15 minutes, and be careful not to rub your lips or let anything touch them ! 
  4. After about 5-15 minutes, peel the lip tattoo from the outer edges of the lips to the inner edges. Peel off any excess lip tattoo and finish off the look with a clear gloss or lip balm for a natural look.
Here are the finished look!
Pardon my not-so-balanced lips lol.

I like it when they were not peeled off yet haha! As you can see here on my lips, no 3 is the least obvious on my lips (I have rather dark original lip shade at the moment >.>). As for the lasting period, it lasts for a good 3-4 hours after eating, drinking.. those kind of lip wetting stuff :p

They are currently retailing at RM49 each!
And good news are meant to be shared!

Til then blurbers :D

**Disclaimer: Although the product is sponsored for review purposes, it is 100% my own thoughts and is not affected in any way!

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