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HIIT Max Workout Programme by Michael Morelli Jr

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Salam and hello!

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These are some of the hashtags people use these days on the being fit trend, that I know of. Haha. Another trend is, online coaching. Yup. For those who want to have access to the exercises and meal plans 24/7, those who are busy and want to incorporate at least some exercise into their routine, those who do not have access to the gym, having an online coach is the answer.

Before I go on any further, let me introduce to you one of the online coach that I had gotten.


That man is Michael Morelli Jr.

He is said to be one of those currently famous Instagram male trainers, you can check him out beforehand @morellifit :D he has individual workout videos on his IG, as well as some other tips and tricks. For the time being I am also addicted to his Periscope, @morellifit but it's always online on a bad timing - say time zone differences. Lol. 

Now on to HIITMAX.

Introducing an all-new program, specifically designed to let you:
  • Incinerate Belly Fat
  • Tone Your Butt & Legs
  • Strengthen Every Muscle
  • Boost Aerobic Capacity
  • Burn Fat 24 Hours, Every Single Day

The package includes:
  • HIITMAX Nutrition Prescription
  • HIITMAX Training Guides - consists of 4 phases with each lasting for 2 weeks
  • HIITMAX Video Exercise Guides - to show you the correct forms of the exercises
  • HIITMAX Abs Workout
I was slightly lucky when I bought the package last time as I also scored some of these bonuses:
  • Food & Training Journal 
  • Macro List & Grocery Guide
  • BMR Calculator
These are all in PDF formats, so you can access them anytime, anywhere on Your PC, tablet, smartphone... how convenient! I forgot to mention, it also comes with music for you to listen during your workout :D hehe.

And if you purchase today, you will be getting the Six-Plus Finishers Surprise Bonuses which consists of:
  • How to Eat & Train for Six Pack Abs
  • Quick Start Workout Guide
Today's price?

$19 !!
[Special Introductory Offer - Limited Time Only]
So don't forget to check out HIITMAX

I am planning to get the HIITMAX II, or the Custom Meal plan or even try to join HIITMAX Elite. Lol. Plan. Haha.


It is a good programme, provided that you are dead serious and very strict into following everything there is on the programme as this person is not around to yell and spot you out lol. There are testimonials you can checkout on the website and even Morelli's IG if you are not convinced yet! For myself? I'm on hold due to fasting month. Haha. Will be resuming everything soon, starting all over again from Week 1.

Would you purchase online trainer services if you can? Do leave a comment! Til next time :)

P/S: This programme is purchased by my own means. All opinions expressed are 100% honest reviews! Photo sources are from and

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