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Cashback from Shopping with Rakuten??

10:30 AM

Let's get this straight.

*cough* Salam and hello btw!

I'm just gonna cut to the chase. Haha. As a shopper, I can surely say every single one of us would love to get discounts on the things we want to purchase no? Despite this, this still doesn't make us shop more. Lol. But...

What if you are able to get some cash back while you shop with, alongwith the discounts of course!

Would you ignore ze offer? I think nottt.

Before we start rambling more about ShopBack Malaysia, let me share a little background on this website before we proceed:

ShopBack is a cashback site where you literally get cash back when you click through and shop from our merchants through our site. On top of existing discounts and voucher codes, get back a percentage of the money you spent! After making payment, the cashback is credited to your ShopBack account, which can later be cashed out into your bank account or PayPal for real cash. Rest assured that we're a legitimate service and we've established ourselves not only in Malaysia and Singapore but has just expanded to Philippines and is planning to expand to the rest of South East Asia.

Just to mention and getting y'all hyped up, ShopBack Malaysia has partnered with merchants including Zalora, Luxola... Just to name a few. You can check out the full list here.


The percentage does varies from time to time, as stated in the screenshot above, it could go up to 30% cashback if you are lucky enough! Rather than just the typical loyalty points and the usual redemption stuff I am getting back in a form of ACTUAL cash every time I purchase via ShopBack!

How does it works?

The cash back works by accumulating in your account whenever a successful purchase is made using their merchant’s traceable links within 30 days. And the amount can be cashed out to be extra pocket or shopping money, they do have options like bank transfer or Paypal so it’s super convenient.

Where in the world am I using ShopBack to shop?

None other than Rakuten Malaysia; not only that you are able to get cash back on your ShopBack account, but you can also collect cash points in Rakuten under their Rakuten Super Points programme as well! - double dose of funnnnn. Plus, you can get almost everything just on Rakuten alone. Haha. I myself had gotten some food items from there while I'm at it lol :p Another benefit from Rakuten program is that you earn back points from your purchase which could be used for future purchases from and on some days their super point earnings would double!

That’s when Shopback comes in, they will notify you whenever their supporting merchants are having promotions like that so we don’t have to sign up for so many separate online deal websites. I can't even remember like half of them lol so that would be an issue one day :o

Click away to get the best coupons on Rakuten!

Did I fail to mention, even Zalora and Luxola is also listed? Another two favourite websites of mine to shop. Aiyerrr. My hands are itching to shop since payday is coming soon. Bahaha.

What a long post! I think. Hahaha. So did I trigger your interest now? If you sign up via the link below, I'm giving y'all your first RM5 cash to start!

Til then blurbers ;)

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