EZ Fotolabs x LensAZ Photography Hijabista Trial Photoshoot

11:39 AM

Salam and hello!

Around two weeks ago, I have thrown participated myself in a non-profit photoshoot. It was actually decided on a whim hahaha. I saw a post where my friend was tagged in a photo of this person who was looking for ladies who wears muslimah fashion and they are planning to have a street-style photoshoot in town. So, I commented on the post, thinking that "why not?" I mean, it's not like you will be lucky getting one next time. Lol.

Thus, we decided to meet that weekend to shoot. Turns out I was the only crazy one agreeing to participate bahaha! Was super nervous, I'm not used to taking pro photos like this and with zero-experience coming down the field (selfies do not count pfft). Heh. But thankfully, the photographers of the day - Kak Rozie and Abang Jep were nice enough to guide me to the right direction hahaha.

And here goes!

Photo: EZ Fotolab // LensAZ Photography
MUA: Myself
Wardrobe: Myself
Location: Downtown Miri

These are just some of the photos that were taken. We weren't able to shoot longer that day because the sun was still glaring. Haha. For myself, I wasn't satisfied with the outfit because it was not planned, but both Abang Jep and Kak Rozie has requested this ensemble instead :D I wish I did my hijab differently. Pfft. 

So, it's one off my checklist! I dreamt to try out this kind of photoshoot when I have my own camera. One day. Lol. I guess I didn't need to wait until then haha! 

For those interested, both photographer group provides photography services e.g engagement, wedding, maternity, family potrait.. so if you want to get their services just contact them at the following details!: 

EZ Fotolabs
Admin: +601118532171
Photographer: +601118688273 (Abang Jep)
Instagram: @ezfotolabs

LensAZ Photography
+6016 8426406 (Rozie)
+6019 2009420 (Anis)
Instagram: @lensaz_photography

P/S: All photos attached courtesy of EZ Fotolabs & LensAZ Photography

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