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Makeup Revolution Highlighters Review

10:30 AM

Salam and heeellooooo.

I am a fan of contouring. No doubt. Haha. But I also believe in making the skin look dewy and glowing even if its not. Yes. I too am a fan of highlighting/strobing technique.

I used to not love highlights on my face, thinking that "Oh, blusher and contour are more than enough for myself." But recent days, when I start to use up the highlighter in my contour kit (may have a review coming up!) and another loose highlighter of Catrice which is this:

...and then I start to get more compliments of the dewy glowing skin - these are people who knows I actually don't have clear skin to even have healthy skin. Lol. Hey, a compliment is what helps motivates us don't you think? :p 

And that is why, when MySale had a sale on Makeup Revolution before Raya, I placed some orders on the highlighters.
Say hello to my lovelies! 

I had gotten myself the MUR Vivid Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights - a gold finish highlight, and the MUR Radiant Light in Exhale - pale natural pink highlight. 

I actually prefer Exhale for daily usage, Golden Lights are better if you look more bronzy or for dinner looks, night time kind of look. Hehe. I tried taking photos of my face wearing both, but either way my lighting is always off lol. 

As for the texture, I can assure you it's not powdery. Not like some cheap highlighters that you can see those small specks being so obvious on your face.

Price wise, I got them for RM25 and RM35 respectively. Quite a good price too considering that it is a MUR brand. Rather than you go out and buy a more expensive highlighter that you may use like atleast 4 times a month. Haha. 


I have nothing to hate so far :) if you are interested to buy locally in Malaysia, you can check the link below!

For the Radiant Light product, seems that it's not available under Malaysian website yet. Either buy on Mysale or via private sellers I suppose ^^; til then!

P/S: This is not a sponsored post. Opinions expressed are 100% honest.

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